Man Wearing Ronald Mcdonald Costume Enters Jollibee

 We Filipinos are fond of eating out in some fast food chains like Jollibee and McDonalds. They are both one of the best fast-food restaurants here in the Philippines. Surely, there are many people who loves the crispy Jollibee chicken joy, their delicious jolly hotdog, and their yummy burgers. Nothing also beats the hot, crispy, and salted fries of McDonald’s as well as their many choices of delectable and huge burgers. Children and young at heart could not get enough of their spaghetti and floats! They all have different products to offer but still has their respective trademarks in terms of taste and appearance.

But what would you do, or how would you feel if you saw one of its rival eating on the other restaurant? This video of a man who disguised as Ronald McDonald eats McDonald’s food inside a Jollibee store spread good vibes and laughter to many people inside and out of the establishment. The said viral video already had 2.7 K reactions, 626 comments and 6.3K shares only after 17 hours of posting it. A Facebook user known as Rudy Pama Micubo shared the video on February 24. The original video was from Tukomi Youtube Channel.

As the man disguised in Ronald McDonald’s attire entered the Jollibee store the people could not help it but stare and smile on the one of a kind scenario. After he found a table, he opened up his bag and put some McDonald’s meal on his table. The Jollibee crew was kind and hospitable enough to clean his table for him. After some time, he asked a crew of they have a hotdog sandwich but he seems not to utter the words of the said Jollibee product. He also lined up on the queue to order the said hotdog sandwich. The crews and manager were obviously surprised as he approached the counter but still they were professional enough to handle the awkward but funny situation. It was also hilarious that the man could not help himself but literally used the restaurant comfort room to attend his need. After some time, he went out of the store and talked to Jollibee’s statue outside and a lot of people continue to laugh at what he is doing.It was an effective and hilarious prank isn’t?
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