Meteor Garden's Dao Ming Si Actor, Jerry Yan Still Handsome at 42

 During the opening of the year, it has been a viral post on the social media when one would upload their 10 year challenge and would be compared with how much have changed  over a decade or how dark skinned, skinny or “ugly” they were, and later on blossomed from a caterpillar to a full blown butterfly.

But how about an eighteen year challenge, and you would be surprised how years have been gracious with this man. An almost two decades of maturity, you would expect a person to have wrinkles or has aged a lot, but it seems otherwise.

Jerry Yan or popularly known as Dao Ming Si has made the world of women go round when he played the main guy / leader in the phenomenal F4 in the Asian series “Meteor Garden”. His character might have been a bully in the series, but he was loved anyhow. It can be recalled that their hairstyle had become a hit on 2001, long hair with a long back. They are definitely mesmerizing.

The show might have been remade by several nationalities, but theirs would always remain the most phenomenal for it had left a marked on the several teens during that time that it came to a point that there had been several merchandises where you can see their faces everywhere, and every teen would dream that they will have a boyfriend like one of the F4, especially Jerry Yan.

But at present, after 18 years women are more captivated seeing this latest post on the social media which circulates the internet. Yes, he had been one of the heartthrobs during his time and generation, but Jerry Yan’s recent look would be very competitive and would never look like a 42 year old man. He seemed like someone who came from the past and claim his throne as one of the hottest men at present.

With this photo of Jerry Yan circulating online, it had ruse confusion and curiosity of the teens of this generation thinking that there has been a recent Meteor Garden shown on TV which is the Korean version. How about you? DO you think Jerry Yan looked younger and extra dashing?

Meteor Garden's Dao Ming Si Actor, Jerry Yan Still Handsome at 42 Meteor Garden's Dao Ming Si Actor, Jerry Yan Still Handsome at 42 Reviewed by Boom on 3:01 AM Rating: 5

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