Officially : Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil Admits Theyre In A Relationship

We truly admired those celebrities who had taken risks to love another celebrity. Because we all know that, it is very hard to maintain a special relationship especially when its nature is the show business industry. Celebrities are known to be engaged or team up with one celebrity to another. There are just a few of those celebrities who were really exclusive to one another as an on-screen partner but sometimes partners or loveteams end up developing mutual feelings to each other.

One example is the “LizQuen” love team. They were just third wheels before and had portraying some bit roles. And on their fifth year as a love team, they finally admit that they are really in a real and special relationship not just as co-artists or on-screen partner but as an official couple.

On their television appearance in Gandang Gabi Vice, they had unveiled their greatest revelation. After a very long time that the two had been quiet about their real score, they finally revealed that they are in a relationship!

But what most excites their fans is that Liza Soberano disclosed that they have been together for more than two years now. It was Vice Ganda who asked Enrique Gil if they are already a couple. And it was a big revelation when the young actor said “Yes!”.

Liza added that they had been an official couple in the month of October but never disclosed about the exact year. Their fans could not help it but be amazed on the couple’s honesty.

Enrique Gil also known as Enrique Mari Bacay Gil V is a 26-year old actor, dancer and singer. He started his career summer 2008 and he was only 16 years old back then. Out of curiosity he actually enrolled in commercial modeling and musical theater workshops conducted by Trumpets. He also had some television commercials that includes Lewis and Pearl's ad, together with Coleen Garcia. Meanwhile, Liza Soberano also known as Hope Elizabeth Soberano is a 21-year old Filipino-American actress and model admired by many people not just for her angelic and innocent face but because of her charming personality
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