Rare Pink Dolphin Found in Thailand

source: NewshawkPhuket

 We are blessed to have such wonderful and scenic attractions all over the world. Those are wonderful creations that were really crafted by  the hands of our Almighty God. Indeed, no place like our home.

Recently, many people were astounded with the pink dolphin citation on the Gulf of Thailand last week. According to some tourists on the area, the rare dolphin was entertaining and seems to be playing with the visitors in the area. We often times saw dolphins in a grayish black color but never on a lighter shade like this one. It was indeed an amazing and unforgettable experience to watch such a playful, lovely and cute animal.

On the said reports, tourists that are visiting the area heard the pink dolphin making noise and they decided to follow that noise and they found this lovely creature.

This kind of dolphins were also known as Chinese white dolphins despite their noticebly pinkish color. It is also known as Sousa chinensis, an Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphin. Their pinkish color is actually because of the overdeveloped blood vessels for their “thermoregulation” or their ability of regulating their own body temperature even though their surroundings changes its temperature.

This kind of animal is one of the most endangered species in the world and is actually included in the Red List of Threatened Species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Some of the reasons why they are now critically endangered are the destruction of their natural habitats, pollution, and fishing. Between the year 2003 and 2013, there had been reports that this pink dolphins can be found in Hong Kong Bay and there are a total of 159 pink dolphins in the area down to 61. According to the data of Department of Marine and Coastal Resources of Thailand the number of this rare dolphin nowadays were only less or more 60 dolphins.

It was indeed an eye-opener and a chance to each and everyone of us to still take care of our environment. It still has a chance for some of our endangered species to be revived and somehow be available for our future generations to see the beauty of our environment together with its animal and plants species.

This is almost the same last year ago, Pinky, a pink dolphin spotted swimming and playing near Louisiana ship. Check the video below.
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