The Voice Finalist JK Labajo's Transformation Caught Netizens Attention

 “Sa ilalim ng puting ilaw, Sa dilaw na buwan. Pakinggan mo ang aking sigaw, Sa dilaw na buwan.” Who would not know this lyrics? The “Buwan” fever was indeed epidemic! You can almost hear it everywhere and a lot of times the whole day! It also has this “LSS” effect or a slang word meaning “Last Song Syndrome” on many of us if you had a chance to hear it even just for a few moments. Even those cute little children along the streets knew the lyrics of this trending song.

The song “Buwan” is a very popular original song of Juan Karlos Labajo that already had more than 1 million streams in Spotify. He decided to released it to create his own music as he admittedly revealed that he was bored of singing covers. The “Buwan” music video had also amazed the public as JK together with the “Asia's Next Top Model" winner Maureen Wroblewitz had an exemplary performance. He also had co-written the said music video that was directed by Tim Tupa and was released under MCA Music Inc.

Just a few months ago, JK and Darren Espanto had been dragged into a controversy about JK’s alleged social media post about Darren being a gay. It had also come to point that the latter would probably file a case agains the young singer.

Recently, his photos surfaced in different social media platforms as he had noticeably gained a lot of weight. The said viral photo had captured the netizens attention as he was not so active on doing television shows. Many netizens had expressed their opinion about the gaining of weight of JK.

Some supporters of Darren had also made a photo collage comparing their idol Darren to JK. They made their photos side by side and had compared the two young singers.

The viral photos were from the netizen named Henry Amor and had captioned his post with “Napabayaan sa kusina. Ang cute sarap gawin bola at idribol dribol.

Juan Karlos Labajo is an 18-year old singer-songwriter, guitarist, television personality and occasional actor. He started his career when he joined The Voice  together with Darren Espanto and Lyca Gairanod.

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