Beautiful Davao Nurse Trends in Social Media After the "OPERATION TULI" Post

 Social media is indeed one of the most influential platforms nowadays. It had brought us a lot of changes from our interests, perceptions, beliefs, and lifestyles. We oftentimes get updated to trending news and events through social media. Even the most trending and viral people can be seen on social media. Maybe because of their uniqueness, talent, life story, life experience, and physical appearance. Many of them also gained a lot of followers, fans, and supporters. The best example of this is the nurse in Davao who went viral on social media because of her post where she actually circumcising KIDS.

Krestle Lailene Deomampo captured the hearts and attention of many netizens because of her amazing beauty. She is a 24-year old registered nurse from Davao City. She posted a photo of her on her social media account with a caption "OPERATION TULI", it was just a very normal and particular day for her. Her photo only got 5 likes out of 500 followers. Little did she know that she actually had a fake account and it actually earned a lot more likes than her original account.

She is not just beautiful outside but she also has the heart to help other people. She is a self-made public servant as she would always participate in medical missions. Because of her looks and glowing skin she is also a model wanna-be. She now gained 15,000 followers because of the said fake account. Who would have thought that she would have a fake account and that it would actually earn more likes and followers than her original social media account? What could be the reason that they would actually steal someone else's identity?

She also wanted to be a part of F hM magazine, one of the most popular men's magazines in the Philippines. The said men's magazine already had their statement regarding the matter.

True enough that there were many people who admire her not just because of her alluring beautiful but because of her kind heart as well. Not many people are blessed with such amazing beauty on the inside and out. She was indeed blessed to be one of them isn't?

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