Chokoleit, Nagpahiwatig Nga Ba Bago Mamaalam ?

The public was shocked by the recent news about Chokoleit. Chokoleit also was known as Jonathan Aguilar Garcia in real life is a 46-year old comedian, actor, and TV host. He is admired by many people because of his amazing sense of humor that can really make you laugh and wipe all your sadness away. Even his co-workers, friends and loved ones can surely attest that he was a jolly and happy person.

Though many people and celebrities thought that his departure from life was a piece of fake news, it was a very sad and hurtful truth to know that he eventually passed away. According to some reports, Chokoleit had difficulty in breathing even before his performance ended but he still pushed through the show. The said event was held in Abra where Chokoleit had said some words that many people took as a premonition. The comedian joke his audience with these words and he quote, ”Syempre ako ang mauuna kasi kapag ako ang nahuli baka hindi ko na kayo abutan."

It seems that it was a clear premonition for the late comedian as he was rushed to the nearest hospital right after his performance because he complains about the difficulty in breathing. A lot of people, as well as many celebrities, could not believe what happened to Chokoleit as he was indeed a very good friend and a very professional person when it comes to working.

That is why we should always be grateful for the things we have now and do not take ourselves for granted. We should also know when to take a good rest and to prioritize our health as much as possible.

Chokoleit had been a part of every Filipino household and childhood ever since he rose to prominence. He will surely be missed by all of the people who love him and who admire him a lot because of his wonderful personality. His laughter and the good vibes he spreads to many of us will always be treasured in our hearts and memories. May he rest in peace now and continue to spread happiness in heaven.
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