Concerned Netizen Found "LINTA" Inside Kangkong

As years passed by together with the advanced modern technology, many people get used to a lot of changes that it all brings us. Before, it was quite difficult to communicate with your loved ones that are living far from us or working abroad. Telegrams, letters, or even beepers were some of the tools that we used but it takes a lot of time and patience before you will be able to receive those. Before we can go for a walk when going to some places away from home but because of the intense heat of the sun especially during the afternoon it will be convenient for us to ride a tricycle or a pedicab. Before, we can eventually live happy, satisfied and contented without social media, or gadgets and internet. But it has been a basic necessity ever since the trend started. When it comes to food, we are used to exploring different cuisines, delicacies, and refreshments. People also tend to try a healthier diet nowadays. Many people choose organic fruits and vegetables, less sugar and salt consumption as well as less in oil or fat for their daily consumption.

But recently, many people were shocked as this concerned netizen known to be Mariz Cabalo posted a video on her social media account and had been vital to many different social media platforms. On the said viral video, Mariz demonstrated that there was actually a worm or “linta” inside of the vegetable stalk. We often put kangkong in our sinigang or even blanched it to eat it raw and gain all its health benefits.

But little did we know that there was this little creature inside of our favorite vegetable. This kind of vegetable grows anywhere and everywhere without any care or supervision. No wonder that we can see them along the side of water irrigations together with trashes, used diapers and plastic bottles.

The said viral video delivers awareness to many people, especially that it can pose health when it is not cleaned properly. We should always try to prioritize cleanliness especially when it comes to food preparation not just for our own safety but for our family’s sake as well.
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