Couple Who Met Via Mobile Legend Now Married, Shares Their Loving Story


Different people have their own different stories to tell. We may not have all the same wants and needs in life but we surely know the feeling of being in love and loving someone else back. Love stories also differ from one people to another. Some people may start as enemies and then become lovers while some couples started out as friends and ended up being in love with each other.

Recently, this couple went viral because of their unusual story they shared on social media. The netizen was known to be Jerome Dela Cruz Sr. He shared that March 28, 2019, was the exact date of their wedding. He actually met his wife on a very famous online game known as Mobile Legends. He joined in an online group where his wife, Anne Ozaeta-dela Cruz was also a member. That was the start of their never-ending love story. The husband proudly shares a photo of them together where they had their wedding ceremony. They are wearing red clothes as they proudly show their mobile phones with an online game application that was the reason for their meeting.

Many netizens were inspired by their love story. True enough that you will never know when and where you are going to meet the person you will spend your life and your forever. This story was also an eye-opener for those people saying that online games are not good and will never have a beneficial effect on people. Who would ever know that there will be two different people who will find true love and forever on a mobile application game?

Some people tend to be addicted to mobile gaming. Maybe they were just fond of the game itself, the feeling of relaxation and comfort they were feeling as they play the game, the feeling of belongingness, and the excitement as well as the adrenaline rush.

As many people tend to find the love of their lives in so many places and different people this couple was indeed blessed to find each other. Marriage was never an easy thing for all of us. It requires a lot of patience, understanding, and commitment to to being a married couple. There will be hardships and problems that would possibly come their way but it will always be fine as long as they are willing to support each other.

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