Fire Burns Church, Miraculously Not A Single Bible Was Burned

 We may have different religions, but we all believe the same thing. We have an Almighty God who created us all and up until now blesses us more than anything and anyone in this world could do. We also have different perceptions of one’s faith. The moment you wake up in the morning alive and kicking, you are healthy, you are living together with your family, you have roof above your head and a house to live in, you have food on your table, you go to school, you have work to earn money and support your needs as well as your beloved family. Isn’t a lot of miracles in our everyday life? There are a lot of miracles that happened every day. We may not know every single detail of it, but miracles do happen!

There was this viral news about the Freedom Ministries Church in Grandview, West Virginia that was burnt down by a fire. The entire place was turned into ashes according to the fire team who responded on the place but there was this questionable thing that there were no single bible or cross that has been harmed. Firefighters were surprised about the incident as they find it very hard to get close the building since the fire started.

CNN Philippines reported that there were no firefighters that had been harmed during the said incident. Firefighters said that though the odds were against it, God was not. The Coal City Fire Department shared the photos of the incident as well as the unharmed bibles and cross they also captioned their post with,

“On March 3 around 12:58 am our department was dispatched to assist Beaver VFD with a structure fire at the Freedom Ministries Church, located in Grandview WV. Though odds were against us, God was not. Picture this, a building so hot that at one point in time firefighters had to back out. In your mind, everything should be burned, ashes. Not a single bible was burned, and not a single cross was harmed!! Not a single firefighter was hurt! Prayers for the Pastor and the Congregation today.
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