Girl Gamer Requested A Free Diamond But Sent A Wrong Photo

 Playing online games is one of the trendiest things nowadays. Some people became overly attached to it while some really got mad about it as their partners, or spouses prioritize the game more than any other things in their lives and even their own relationship. Other young people who were still studying also tend to set aside school activities, projects, homework, and examination review just to play their favorite mobile game.

Social media, internet, and modern gadgets had brought a lot of changes in our daily lives. Who would have thought that social media, internet, and cellphones will be very essential in our everyday life to the point that upon waking up phones and internet connection were the first things we look for. Social media had also helped us a lot in our communication with our beloved family members who work or live in a faraway place or abroad.

Recently there was a viral video of a conversation of two people who seems to be friends because of an online game. The said viral video was shared by netizen Lemuel C. One of the people involved was known to be Merryl. She had requested a diamond in an online game to this person who was typing and recording their conversation. The other person will actually give the diamond that Merryl is asking for but he just wanted a proof, maybe a photo of Merryl to know if she was really a girl. But she mistakenly sent a photo of her inside the bathroom and it seems that she had just taken a shower at that moment or she captured the photo long ago or a few moments ago but accidentally sent it to the wrong person. As she finally realized that she had sent the photo to the wrong person, she immediately blocked the person she was talking to!

The said viral video serves as a great lesson to most of us to never feel comfortable to strangers but most of all it is also important to have self-discipline and self-love for yourself and to never do anything that you will definitely regret afterward.
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