Grade 1 Student Removed From the List of Awardee Due to Unsettled Tuition Fee


”Education doesn't need to be expensive.” We oftentimes heard and saw this saying for so many times now in so many people, on television, and on social media as well. Education is one of the foundations and stepping stones of many people especially Filipinos to succeed in life. Helping out the families and achieving one’s dream are just some of the reasons why Filipinos pursue their dreams. And for them to achieve their dreams, they prepare themselves by finishing their studies.

But recently, a lot of netizens were angered by an incident that was shared by a concerned friend. A netizen known to be Clen Limpin shared such an awful incident that happened to a student  of her friend who is a student of Our Lady of Lourdes School of Novaliches. The student is in grade 1  and was ordered to write a promissory note as the student  has a 3 thousand peso balance in their school fee. The photo of the said promissory note was also shared by Clen. The handwritten promissory note of the student states, ”I promise to pay tuition fee tomorrow.” Aside from it, the student was also removed from the lists of awardees on the recognition day that really angered a lot of netizens as well as the uploader of the photos.

Many felt sorry and was very saddened about what happened to the student. The said matter can be discussed by the principal and the parents and it should not be a reason for an innocent to write a promissory note. Clen also uploaded the screenshot conversation of he friend and the student’s teacher. The teacher explained that she never expected that their principal would do that to a child and that she never knew about that incident. The teacher also revealed about the “no permit, no exam policy” of the school. It was a policy that was already banned by the Department of Education to protect students as well as to protect their rights for education.

Other netizens also commented on the said post. Many of them were angered by the decision of the principal to let a child write a promissory note and chose not to discuss the matter with the parents of the child. What’s most heartbreaking is the fact that a week before the school’s recognition day, the child’s name was removed from the list of awardees just because of the 3 thousand pesos debt of the student in school.

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