Her Weight Loss Journey Inspires Thousands of Netizens

In our busy lifestyle nowadays, it has been so hard for us to take good care of ourselves especially our health. This lady inspired a lot of many people in giving priority and time in our own selves. The inspirational lady is known as Aria Estrella, she shared pictures of her with an incredible transformation from being chubby into a fit one.

The said post actually earned a lot of shares, comments, and reactions from many netizens. Aria Estrella shared that she had achieved her current weight from 73 kilos. She also added that she started gaining weight as early as 19 years old like any other woman in their family. She also revealed that some of her relatives actually gained weight when they turned 18 years old.

Being in a relationship also contributed to her weight gain as they would always eat out on dinner dates. But unfortunately, she was left broken-hearted by the guy. It has also been the reason for her unhealthy lifestyle. She also lost interest in fixing herself, dressing up and putting up makeup.

One day, she heard two mean girls talking about her, making fun of her and calling her different names because of her body. From then on, she decided to improve herself and hit the gym.

After she enrolled in a gym, she then decided to work out at home through videos. She also shared her diet plan on one of her posts. Cheat day is also one of the most awaited days of the week. She also clarified that her work out routine and diet plans can work or not to other people because of people’s different body types. Her post earned 1.1 thousand reactions, 644 comments, and 796 shares as of writing.

Her story was indeed an inspiration to many other women who sometimes take themselves for granted because of taking good care of other people and being busy at work or at school. Because our health is one of the biggest treasures we can ever have in our life. If we do not take care of ourselves, who will take good care of it? Especially to our loved ones, children and spouses.

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