Jeffrey Tam Newest Magic Trick With Liza Soberano

 Do you ever believe in magic tricks? Many people say that those were just illusions and tricks after all. The magicians were just doing something you never noticed with your own eyes. But a famous celebrity love team was left astounded as a magician showed them some tricks they had never witnessed before.

Jeffrey Tam is a known Filipino actor, comedian, and impersonator. He is not just an actor, because unknown to many he is also an amazing magician. Recently, his social media channel had reached more than a hundred thousand subscribers that is why his guests are none other than LizQuen.

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil were astounded on the magic trick that Jeffrey has done to them. On the said viral video, Jeffrey let Liza and Enrique chose the hand that will be used on the said trick. When the two finally decided whether left or right hand to choose, Jeffrey asked them if they could feel anything. Enrique actually felt something on his closed fist, on the other hand, Liza was not sure if she felt anything or not. As the trick continues, Jeffrey wrote an “x” unto his palm. Afterward, he showed everyone how he supposedly transfers the letter “x” to the palm of the celebrity couple.

And the two were really left in awe as they think how it could be possible to transfer a handwritten letter from a person’s palm to another. It was really something that you will always be curious about how it happened.

Hope Elizabeth Soberano, professionally known as Liza Soberano is a 21-year old Filipina-American actress, endorser, and model from Santa Clara, California, USA. She is the on and off-screen love team of Enrique Gil also known as Enrique Mari Bacay Gil V. He is a 26-year old actor, singer, dancer, and endorser from Cebu City, Philippines.

The two had made rounds on social media just recently because they finally revealed about their true relationship. They confirmed that they were actually a real-life couple. A lot of their friends, fans, and supporters were very surprised and at the same time were also delighted about their amazing announcement.
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