John lloyd Cruz And His Mansion in Antipolo : BUNGA NG HIRAP AT SAKRIPISYO

John Lloyd Cruz is a 35-year old actor, model, and television host. He is known in his exemplary and exquisite way of acting. He is also admired by many people because of his handsome looks and bubbly personality. He recently made rounds in different social media platforms because of his indefinite leave in his comedy television program in ABS-CBN, "Home Sweetie Home". He is now living a simple and much more comfortable life away from the chaotic world of the show business. But did you know that this young actor actually owns a beautiful mansion in Antipolo?

He has a 1,100 square meter French-Mediterranean-inspired house in Antipolo City. The actor revealed in one of his interviews that he never wanted to show his personal space to the public. But it came to him that he also wanted to give back to his supporters that is why he eventually agreed about the idea. He also shared that he always wanted his house to be similar to those houses in Los Angeles. He also wanted a simple, comfortable and just a laid-back home.

A cathedral ceiling is located in the living room to give more breathing space. There are two doors near the staircase that leads to the powder room and the entertainment room. The dining area actually has a beautiful picture window and clear sliding doors for the beautiful view outside while eating. There is also a 10-seater narratable that adds glamour to the place. The flooring was made out of Anglo Marble from Italy. That is really a bit expensive according to his architect. JLC wanted a natural stone because white marbles are often synthetic.

The powder room for the guests is located under the staircase. It's urinal actually costs P75,000 together with a flush worth P35,000. Aside from a urinal it also has a toilet bowl. The powder room smells and cleans all day long because of a reed diffuser.

Though, the award-winning actor doesn't really cook he was very hands-on and specific with their kitchen. His kitchen also has an American-manufactured double door refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser feature. It also has a cabinet that are outfitted from Germany. Danny Lucas, JLC's architect shared that it took four to six months for the cabinets to be shipped here. The lanai also has an eight-seater dining table with a flat-screen television and wall sconces.

The mansion also has a four-foot pond at the porch right underneath the walkway to the main door with a number of jumping Koi fishes. At first, he wanted to have a lush garden but after a while, he decided to have a swimming pool instead. It was actually a piece of bad luck to have a pit. That is why there is an infinity sign on the swimming pool tiles.
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