Kim Chiu Delight's Fan With First Ever Room Tour

Rewarding yourself is one of the best things that you can do to somehow give back to yourself after your hard work and perseverance. Some of us indulge themselves with their comfort and favorite food, while some treats themselves with a relaxing vacation inside or outside the country. Our admired and favorite celebrities also had their way of rewarding themselves after many days of work. There are celebrities who reward themselves with luxury cars, branded bags, clothes or accessories while some had built their own mansions and houses.

Recently, Kim Chiu surprises a lot of her fans and supporters with the most requested video in her vlog that already had almost 200,000 subscribers. Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu, professionally known as Kim Chiu is a 28-year old Filipino-Chinese actress, singer, model, endorser, recording artist, vlogger and television host.

She has been in the industry for almost 12 years now and she already won a number of acting awards. In her recent viral video, she shows off her beautiful home that was designed by the Cebu-based interior designer Janet Lee. The young actress had also revealed that she dreamed of having her own room with a nice bed facing a television set. Because according to the award-winning actress, ever since she was a child she always watched a lot of television programs.

As Kim’s vlog started, she welcomed her supporters with a beautiful smile and her chinita eyes. She is wearing a yellow printed dress. As you enter her room, you will be surprised that there is a wall right after the door because according to Feng Shui you should never let your feet facing near the door.
Photos of her and her family together with the love of her life will welcome you enter her room. At the side of her bed is a very comfortable sofa, the Chinita Princess often sits there and read a book.

She also had her dream bed with a beautiful headboard, a very nice and comfortable mattress by derucci PH and an Indian-Egyptian comforter. She also revealed that when she was younger she used to sleep on a sofa bed for almost five years because according to Feng Shui it is not good to sleep on the second floor of her room. Her newly renovated room also has a 1/4 of her walk-in closet with the clothes she wears every day like “Sando“, skirts, some formal wears, and t-shirts as well.

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