Last Full Performance of Chocoleit

It is confirmed that Chokoleit also was known as Jonathan Aguilar Garcia in real life is gone at the age of 46. Due to a heart attack after his on-stage performance in Abra. His video went viral as he also said something that was perceived by many people as a premonition of his sudden departure from life. He jokingly said to the audience, “Syempre ako ang mauuna kasi kapag ako ang nahuli baka hindi ko na kayo abutan."

His last performance was caught on a video and had made rounds on different social media platforms. It earned a lot of comments and reactions to many fans and supporters of the late comedian as well as his co-workers in the show business industry.

According to the viral video, Chokoleit can be observed that he already had difficulty in breathing during his performance in the Kawayan Festival 2019 in Abra Province. After his performance, he was immediately rushed to the hospital as he was really struggling to breathe. Unfortunately, he already passed away and according to his attending physician, the cause of his life departure was pulmonary edema and heart attack.

Many people could not help it but admire him even more as he was still very professional despite the difficulty he was facing that very moment. Just to give everyone a good show, he set aside whatever he was feeling that time and still push through until the very last moment of the show.

A lot of famous personalities and celebrities had expressed their deepest condolences and their sadness to what happened to the comedian. He was indeed a great comedian that can really spread good vibes and laughter to many people and can make the crowd laugh so much.

True enough that life was so short and you should be able to live your life to the fullest. Being able to make every Filipino happy and cheer every person up when they were feeling lonely, maybe it was his happiness to fulfill his job and his craft to the very last breathe of his life. May he finally rest in peace. He will surely be missed by his fans, supporters, friends, and loved ones!
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