Loisa Andalio Breaks Silence After The Video Issue

Recently, Loisa Andalio had made rounds on different social media platforms due to her alleged video. Netizens were surprised that she finally made it back to social media as she seems to be quiet a couple of days ago. She recently shared a post on her social media account about positivity. A lot of her fans and supporters were worried as they didn’t have any update on their beloved celebrity through her social media account. But when she finally posted something on her social media account, many netizens, as well as her celebrity friends, showed their support to the young actress.

She posted on her social media account and she quote saying, “Hindi mawawala ang masayahin, makulit at positibong Loisa." Some of the fellow celebrities of the young actress who commented and showed support on the said viral post are Moira dela Torre, Axel Torres, and Kim Baranda.

Loisa Andalio better known as Josefina Loisa Francisco Andalio is a 19-year old Filipino actress, dancer, and singer. She was first seen on television April 2014 when she joined the fifth regular season of the famous television reality shows Pinoy Big Brother in its Pinoy Big Brother: All In! She was dubbed as “The Talented Darling ng Parañaque”. She was actually the last person to be evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother house one place short to make it to the big four. She actually resembles the beauty of ”Chinita Princess” Kim Chiu.

Joshua Garcia was romantically linked to Loisa before but he is now the boyfriend of another Kapamilya actress Julia Barreto. Loisa and Ronnie Alonte is now happy and contented on their relationship. They are never afraid to show each other their care, love, and support towards one another.

It was indeed true that entering show business was never easy. But it is most difficult to stay in the business. Public figures especially celebrities can eventually experience those difficult times where their names are being dragged into some controversies but at the end of the day there will always be people to support you, to love you, and there for you all through out your journey.

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