Kahit 84 Na, Lola Nangangalakal Pa rin Para Maghanap Buhay

A family is one of the most important things in this world. They have been our inspiration and strength despite all the things we have been through. But having a family also requires us to be responsible enough to provide and support for them. But recently, this old grandmother was known as Lola Rosa still works for the sake of her grandchildren. She collects garbage to earn money for her family. Despite the hardships in life, she was still very happy to work hard for her grandchildren who depend on her.

It was seen on Jun Veneracion’s program entitled “Reporter’s Notebook”. The hardworking old grandmother literally turned her back into the humped back. She did such a difficult job just to provide food for the family. She supports her grandchildren since her two children already passed away.

source: Youtube/ Reporter's Notebook

source: Youtube/ Reporter's Notebook
 Despite her old age, she still pushes herself to work every day and walk under the heat of the sun just to collect garbages and used things. She was also using an old cart and an old bicycle joined together. According to the said program, the old woman walked about 3 kilometers just to have a living. In her long day of work she only takes home a little money that they used for the family’s needs and foods.

Lola Rosa does have a pension worth P500 as she was a part of the informal sectors. She often forgets getting her pensions because of her age. The amount of money that Lola Rosa earns was never enough for them and their expenses as she would also give help to other members of their family and some of their relatives.

It was such an inspiring story because of the commitment and dedication this grandmother have for her grandchildren and family. But it was also a sad story to know that at an old age she still works very hard to support her family instead of enjoying her life and living it the most comfortable way she can.

May this be an awareness to the public to be more loving and respectful to our elders. They should be enjoying every moment of their lives and not work very hard every second of it.
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