Pinay, Pinakita Ang Galing Sa Kanyang Sariling BABYShark Dance Version

source: Facebook/ Filipino Lodi
 We, Filipinos are known to be happy and jolly persons. No wonder that a lot of foreign people admire us about our unique traits. Even though we had a lot of worries and problems we can still manage to smile amidst all our struggles in life. If we had encountered a typhoon, flood or any other calamity, we are seen helping each other even though we were struck by a difficult situation.

Recently, there was a viral video about this female student who had her own version of the baby shark song. According to the viral video who almost had 3 million views. The baby shark song had been very popular to many households here in the Philippines especially to babies, children, and those young-at-heart.

The live audience cheers very loudly as the female student stands on the stage. She was accompanied by her two male friends. As these students performed on stage, the crowd could not help themselves but shout out loud. The female student is dancing with huge moves as the baby shark song plays. She really had those moves and a lot of audience impact on her overall performance. Although there is another woman who challenged her, she still won many people’s heart and attention.

The said viral video was uploaded by a netizen named Krisia Eluna. Netizens commented how much the said video had made their laugh so much and had changed their bad day into a great one. Some also mentioned that at first, the female student’s performance, was ”pa-cute” but as the song progress their performance became energetic and had real entertainment a lot of people. There were also some netizens who commented that their problems were gone with such performance.

This was indeed one of the performances that a true Filipino can do. No matter how many problems we have in life, we still manage to realize how blessed we are and it really reflects on the things that we do every day. It was indeed a blessed and a happy day as long as we wake up alive every morning and we are able to continue living despite all its problems and challenges.

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