Pinoy Big Brother Otso Announces Big 4 Winner

Pinoy Big Brother: Otso finally revealed the Big Four of the adult housemates. It happened on March 27, 2019. The second batch of the Pinoy Big Brother who made it to the final Big Four are Yamyam, Fumiya, Lou, and Andre which automatically means that Thea Rizaldo and Shawntel Cruz were already evicted from the house.

Yamyam Gucong better known as William Gucong in real life, is a 25-year-old “Iskulit Bai ng Bohol” who was declared as the very first adult housemate to have the first slot because he won the “Big Jump” challenge a few days before the eviction day. He is one of the public’s favorite to be the big winner because of his genuine, bubbly and happy personality.

Fumiya Sankai dubbed as the 24-year old “Konichi-Wonder Vlogger of Japan” also captured the heart of many Filipinos after he sacrificed his possible slot for the Big Four of the housemate’s adult batch. His father and two other siblings recently visited him inside the house to celebrate his 24th birthday. They even tried Philippine’s native delicacies and common street food, balut. Balut is actually a developing bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. They liked the taste but they cannot eat the whole egg itself as they can also see what’s inside a balut.

Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette are one of the most controversial housemates of this season and they also had the remaining spots of the Big Four. They made rounds on social media because of their kissing incident while they were both under the influence of alcohol. Lou Yanong is dubbed as the 21-year old “Rampa Sister ng Mandaluyong” while Andre Brouillette is “The Amazing Alo-hunk of Hawaii”. The two have mutual feelings towards one another but they have been criticized by the public for the said kissing incident that they couldn’t even control themselves. But there were also some of their fans who supported them as they wanted to correct their mistake and unusual behavior inside the house.

The announcement of the PBB’s Big Four was indeed one of the most awaited revelations on Pinoy Big Brother: Otso. The housemate who received the highest votes was not identified but he actually got 54.83% of the total votes
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