Shernan Apologizes to Youtuber "MAKAGAG0"

 FlipTop Battle League was founded by Alaric Riam Yuson in 2010. It is the first and largest professional hiphop competition conference in the Philippines that promotes Pinoy hip-hop.

Fliptop has also been popular to many Filipino households. Some of the top 10 famous are the following: the late Francis Michael Durango Magalona, professionally known as Francis M. or Kiko. He was also known as the “King of Philippine Rap”, “Father of Philippine Hip-Hop”, Andrew Ford Valentino Espiritu or simply known as Andrew E. He was dubbed as the “King”, Gloc 9 or Aristotle Pollisco in real life was called "a blacksmith of words and letters, and a true Filipino poet” by Francis M., Marlon “Loonie” Peroramas is known as “Hari ng Tugma”, Smugglaz or also known as Bryan Lao is the “Speed  King”, Abra, also known as Raymond Mikael Camino Abracosa in real life is a 22-year old chic magnet, Lordivino Ignacio also known as Bassilyo was also an occasional actor, Christopher John Rosales Ongkiko or Shehyee, Sean Patrick Ramos was also known as Shanti Dope, Michael Castro also known as Mike Kosa.

Fliptop battles may contain some "not so good " words from the opposite fliptoppers. Sometimes it can also be the reason for real-life chaos as it can also be very personal to each fliptoppers. Some just let it go but many still do some not-so-good things to resolve an issue.

Recently, Shernan finally spoke up with the issue between him and “Makagago”. He apologized as well as the other side and states that when you truly knew a person you will definitely be able to know how he did some things. Though social media had really influenced a lot of us nowadays. The way we think and we see other people can always be affected by social media and even the people around us. But if we still had goodness in our hearts there will be no problems, issues, and controversies that we cannot resolve. It can never go wrong when we open our eyes and our minds for forgiveness and understanding to each and every one of us.

Shernan Apologizes to Youtuber "MAKAGAG0" Shernan Apologizes to Youtuber "MAKAGAG0" Reviewed by Boom on 7:16 AM Rating: 5

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