Vice Ganda Bumuhos Ang Luha Sa Mga Huling Sandali Ng Kaibigang si Chokoleit

 It was very difficult for anyone to say good bye to their friends. But what’s more painful is the fact that you will never have to see, touch, and hear him anymore. You will never ever see his funny gestures and his facial expressions whenever he teases you. You will definitely miss the way he comforts you when you are crying in grief or just a simple tap on your shoulder saying that you did a good job! You will no longer hear him say those naughty and stubborn words to you, as well as the phrases he usually throws on you when you have your “kulitan times”.

No wonder that tears are everywhere on the last wake of the comedian Chokoleit or better known as Jonathan Aguilar Huelar. All the family, friends, and loved ones of Chokoleit could not help it but feel sad on his very last day. March 15 was the date when the late comedian’s remains were flown to Davao where his family resides.

Many of his good friends, fans, and supporters in the show business and entertainment industry pay their last respects to Chokoleit. One of his closest friends, Vice Ganda was seen on a viral video hiding his face as he was crying very hard while being comforted by his fellow comedians, Pokwang and K Brosas. The “It’s Showtime” regular host wasn’t able to control his emotions on the comedian’s wake. He was leaning on Pokwang’s shoulder as he wipes his tears away. He was given a glass of water afterward to calm him a little bit and to rehydrate him as well.

Many netizens had also reacted and commented on the said viral video saying that it was also heartbreaking for them to see Vice Ganda crying because of so much sadness. Despite the fact that we do not personally know Chokoleit, his story really made us all admire him and cry for what actually happened to him. Some say that it was very sudden that he already passed away in such a young age. He could have shared some more waves of laughter, and good vibes to a lot of people. Maybe that is life, you will never know what is ahead of you. You can be strong today but you will never know what will happen to you the very next day.
Vice Ganda Bumuhos Ang Luha Sa Mga Huling Sandali Ng Kaibigang si Chokoleit Vice Ganda Bumuhos Ang Luha Sa Mga Huling Sandali Ng Kaibigang si Chokoleit Reviewed by Boom on 6:24 PM Rating: 5

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