Former Actor Wowie De Guzman Joins It's Showtime "KapareWho"

We all have our admired celebrities, local and even foreign famous personalities some of them can capture our hearts easily. Maybe sometimes we also hope that our admired celebrities before who had already left show business for good can somehow come back even just for a day. No wonder that a lot of people was surprised to see one of the 90’s matinee idol before actually visited the “It’s Showtime” segment “KapareWho”.

The said segment features two lovely women who are both single and tries to find a new found friend from the three masked men who would eventually try their very best to get the attention and the favor of the two lovely ladies. The three masked men have to win one of the two lovely ladies by answering some questions and doing some challenges given by the ladies. Afterward, they will be chosen by the two ladies and would eventually reveal their faces.

One of the two ladies, “Posecat Doll” chose “Senuzumba Kita” and she was astounded to saw that behind the mask is the former actor and matinee idol, Wowie De Guzman. Posecat Doll revealed that she was a fan of the man in front of her and she could not contain her “kilig” anymore. True enough that it this matinee idol seems not to age at all after so many years away from the show business.

Wowie De Guzman better known as Jeffrey Camangyan is a 42-year old dancer and stage, film and television actor. He is also one of the matinee idols in the 1990’s. He first came to prominence being a member of the dance group Universal Motion Dancers together with Brian Furlow, Jim Salas, James Salas, the late Gerard Faisan, Marco McKinley, Norman Santos, Gerry Oliva, and Miggy Tanchanco.

In 1998, he was nominated as the Best Actor for FAMAS Awards for ”Paano Ang    Puso Ko”. He was also the first love team of Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo who was known as one of the best actresses in the show business industry. Together with Juday, they have made a lot of movies as a love team some of those are Sana Naman, Kung Alam Mo Lang, Wow Multo, Mara Clara: The Movie, Esperanza: The Movie, Paano anf Puso ko, Muling Ibalik ang Tamis ng Pag-ibig, Kasal-Kasalan, Sakal-Sakalan, Dito Sa Puso Ko and many more.

Former Actor Wowie De Guzman Joins It's Showtime "KapareWho" Former Actor  Wowie De Guzman Joins It's Showtime "KapareWho" Reviewed by Boom on 1:28 AM Rating: 5

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