Anne Curtis Does The Trending " Isang Dalagang Pilipina" Challenge

Dalagang Pilipina challenge is the most popular social media challenge today. It took social media community by storm as many famous personalities had done their own versions of the said online challenge. It features different people trying to project as a “Dalagang Pilipina” who was often conservative, beautiful and “hindi makabasag pinggan” at the beginning of the song. As the song progress, the one who is making the challenge tried to make herself funny and ugly all at the same time. But instead of being ugly, the celebrities tend to be more prettier doing the challenge.

Recently, one of the regular hosts of It’s Showtime Anne Curtis was put on the spotlight as Vice Ganda hilariously challenge her and told her “Paano kaya lulukutin ni Anne ang bibig niya?”. Anne would often be teased by her fellow co-hosts especially Vice Ganda because of her beautiful and amazing lips.

Although her version of the “Dalagang Pilipina” challenge seems to be a little bit unexpected, she still made it her own beautiful way. And it actually earned a lot of hilarious and positive comments from the netizens. Some said that Anne still looks the same and as beautiful as ever even if she tries to be ugly. While others say that Anne is an epitome of a “Dalagang Pilipina”. Some netizens also commented that whatever facial expressions she did, she still looks gorgeous. Meanwhile, others just seem to be very jealous with Anne’s amazing beauty that no matter what she does with her face she will always end up as gorgeous and as beautiful she was.

Anne Curtis better known as Anne Curtis-Smith-Heussaff is a 34-year old Filipino-Australian actress, model, television host, VJ, and recording artist. She entered the show business industry at a very young age. A talent scout approached her when she was just 12-years old and asked her parents if Anne would have wanted to join a children’s beauty pageant. Her mother who is a Filipina from Bolinao, Pangasinan wanted her to try it but her father who was a lawyer and a war veteran thought it was a scam that is why even without her father’s knowledge, she still pushed through it. She is also an award-winning actress that is admired by many Filipinos. She is happily married to Erwan Heusaff since 2017.
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