Awra Briguela Supported Dad To Finish College

Education is indeed a very important thing for many Filipinos. It has been our platform and stepping stone to attaining success. No wonder that our elders, parents, and loved ones had reminded us so many times about the importance of finishing your studies first before anything and anyone else.

Recently, Awra Briguela’s post on his social media account had touched the hearts of many other Filipinos and children. He had congratulated his father, Oneal Brian, as he already finished his studies in college. The young actor shared how proud he was as well as his other siblings that their father had actually achieved his dream of graduating in college with a diploma. He also added that they are all inspired by their father’s achievement to persevere and work hard on their studies as well.

There are also some reports that Awra was the one who supported his father to finish college. And even though it was the other way around, he was still very proud and very grateful for his father and his family as well. It was testimony and an eye-opener to a lot of people that there is no skin color, no age limit, no gender identity or even blood relationship for you to help other people especially your loved ones. It has been an inspiration to many children out there to help and support their parents as well, if they wanted to achieve something, support them, and if they already got those achievements, be proud of them and congratulate them.

Awra Briguela is a 15-year old actor, comedian, dancer, and singer from Las PiƱas. He was admired not just because of his talent and skills but because of his humor as well. He was known as Makmak in the ABS-CBN’s Ang Probinsiyano and he had also portrayed as Megan in The Super Parental Guardians. He was also the grand champion of the kids' edition of “Your Face Sounds Familiar.” Since three years old she had been openly gay impersonating some famous actresses including Sarah Lahbati, Sarah Geronimo and Maja Salvador, his idol. He was recently rushed to the hospital according to some reports for his appendix operation.

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