Bumbay: "Ako Bigay, Aso Nakatali, Ako Singil, Aso Di Na Nakatali" Video Goes Viral

As young Filipino children, our parents are fond of telling us about those Indian people also known as the “Bumbay” when we wanted to play outside or we did not want to take our afternoon siestas. They would have told us that those people can easily get us and take us somewhere else. As their attires and physical looks differ from us, many children had been a victim of such bluff.

Bumbays are also known by many Filipinos as those people who are involved in “5’6” money lending business. It was a micro-financing business that is now prohibited in the country, as our government does not allow those big percentage that those businessmen get from many Filipinos. Many people would also confirm that instead of a successful business or a successful life it can help us with, many Filipinos would just end up becoming poorer and poorer as we are all buried in debt.

But recently, there was this viral post on social media that earned hilarious comments and reactions from a lot of netizens. There was this video that states about Filipinos who were not able to pay their debts on them. The Earthquake is not felt by those people who don’t know how to pay their debt, but when the Bumbay came to ask for their payment they can easily detect them and they can easily hide from them. It also happened that the Bumbay seek help from the Barangay officials to formally file a complaint about this person who had to lend him money but ended up not paying on the scheduled day of payment. The poor Bumbay also experienced about the dog that was not tied the day when he delivered the money to that person but when he would return for the payment the dog is now untied.

It was really a serious problem nowadays about the issue of not paying debts at the right time but instead of being mad, the Bumbay just hilariously commented on it and laugh about the incident. Though it may be such a hilarious video to some of us, we should also be aware that Filipinos should know how important it is to pay our debts especially on the agreed day of payment. It was such a shame to many people especially to other nationalities that Filipinos are people who tend to broke their promises. We are Filipinos and we should always have honesty and integrity. You wouldn't want to do the shameful things you did to somebody isn't? So maybe this is also an eye-opener, and a little bit of reality check to those people who find it so easy to run from their responsibilities and obligations in so many ways.
Bumbay: "Ako Bigay, Aso Nakatali, Ako Singil, Aso Di Na Nakatali" Video Goes Viral Bumbay: "Ako Bigay, Aso  Nakatali, Ako Singil, Aso Di Na Nakatali"  Video Goes Viral Reviewed by Boom on 1:14 AM Rating: 5

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