Daniel Padilla Surprises GF Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden recently made rounds in different social media platforms as they surprised everyone with their new and fresh team-up. They will be filming some scenes outside of the country for her upcoming movie with Alden Richards and it will take them 1 month to accomplish those. They will surely be missing some stuff here in the Philippines.

Kathryn and Daniel Padilla or collectively known as the KathNiel loveteam surprised their fans and supporter with their emotional reunion in Hong Kong. The 23-year old actress was very surprised to see her boyfriend in her doorstep and she just can’t contain her happiness. She jumped unto him and gave him a very tight embrace. Surely that Kathryn and Daniel had really missed each other so much. Despite the rumors that they had already broken up, the actress confirmed that they are really doing fine and enjoying their relationship. A lot of people can relate to both of them as couples tend to miss each other’s company so much especially when there is a distance between them.

Many young women praised Daniel as he was very loving and caring to his girlfriend. He even had flown from one country to another just to spent time with the love of his life. There are also netizens who envy the lovebirds as they really are an inspiration and a dream relationship to many other young couples out there.

The famous celebrity couple together with their friends walk along the streets of Hong Kong and had taken unforgettable photos with each other. They also went into a local bar where Daniel Padilla offered everyone with a musical performance.

Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo or simply Kathryn Bernardo is a 23-year old actress, model and recording artist from Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. On the other hand, Daniel John Ford Padilla is a 23-year old actor, model, endorser, singer and recording artist. Their fans and supporters loved them not just because of their amazing talents and love for their craft but because of their heartfelt care and genuine love for each other. For sure, a lot of women out there would love to have someone like Daniel Padilla in their life.
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