Ex B Jon Gutierrez , Jelai Andres Nag Alay Ng Kanta Para Sa Isat Isa

We all have our own problems, our own insecurities and our respective paths to take. As many of our elders would say that we usually carry our own invisible cross throughout this life. We may agree with it or possibly not but we are actually very unique and different from each other. Maybe other people can easily be hurt, while some are strong enough to face every single day with a smile despite all the problems, challenges and difficulties in life. There can also be these people who are willing to give and take everything for their families and loved ones, but there are also some who still reserves a little love and respect for themselves especially when the person they love and trust the most had done them wrong.

Like a famous social media personality known as Jelai Andres who recently made rounds on different social media platforms because of her husband Jon Gutierrez’ infidelity. It was really a hurtful feeling and such a traumatic experience to be cheated by the person you trusted and loved most. But she remained calm amidst all the controversies she had been dragged into.

Many people waited for her comments and side regarding the viral issue but instead of yelling at anyone or breaking and throwing a glass of wine she just made a song out of what she really felt. The said viral video pf Jelai Andres singing her new song entitled “Mas Better” had earned countless reactions and comments from the public. Who would have thought that she can actually make a song out of such very bad experience? However, her strength and lover for herself inspired and astounded a lot of people especially women who experienced the same situation as she had.

When you get a chance to hear her song, you will definitely feel the sincerity, the strength and even the pain she had gone through as she sings. But despite all the smiles and laughter, she tried to show to people, the unforgettable feeling of hurt and betrayal will always be inside so is the sadness she really felt.

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