Kathryn Bernardo Break Silence about becoming the new Darna

Recently, the video of Liza Soberano went viral as she shed tears about her withdrawal in the Darna project. It was such a piece of sad news for many of the young actress’ fans and supporters to know that Liza will no longer portray the Filipina superheroine role. According to her, she will be withdrawing in portraying the iconic role after she accidentally fractured her finger in her “Bagani” taping. She apologizes to her fans who waited so long for the said project but ended up disappointed because of her pulling out on the role. But she explained that it would be best to do since portraying the role of Darna requires you to be mentally, and physically prepared. The next Darna should also have the ability to give justice to the character.

Darna is a fictional superhero that appears in many Filipino comics before. Mars Ravelo, a writer, is actually the one who created her character together with artist Nestor Redondo back in the 1950s. It is one of the most iconic heroes in the Philippine show business industry and many of us would definitely agree that we grew up learning her story. We are all amazed and captivated by her strength, abilities, beauty, and power.

As many Filipinos would have wanted their idol celebrities to get the role of Darna, the selection for the main role is still on its process. But some rumors surfaced in different social media platforms about Kathryn Bernardo getting the role of “Darna”. Kathryn Bernardo is Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo in real life. She is a 23-year old actress, model, entrepreneur, and recording artist. She started in the show business industry at a young age and up until now she never has failed all of her fans and supporters with her acting skills and prowess. She actually had a number of recognition and acting awards because of her amazing portrayals in her chosen craft.

She breaks her silence about her getting the Darna role. A lot of people wanted the young actress to be the next Darna but she explained that even though she loves to get the role, there is someone who is much more deserving to have the main role and would definitely give justice to the character.

“Darna is such an iconic role… Pero maybe it’s not for me. Hindi porket gusto mo yung role, pwede siya sa’yo. For me, may binabagayan siya.” Kathryn revealed in one of her interviews.

She was glad to know that many people wanted her to be the next Darna but she insisted that she actually doesn't fit on the role. She also revealed that she could not think of another artist to be the next Darna after Angel Locsin. But despite her reasons, she said that she will be very happy to support whoever will be chosen as the next Darna.

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