Kim Chiu Addresses Nose Job Issue

We Filipinos are known to have a nose that was considered not so pointed as those American foreign people. We admire their white and pinkish skin but most of all, we admired their pointed nose as we do not possess such pointed nose except when one of our fellow countrymen had foreign DNA of those people with a pointed nose. Despite the fact that we are all beautiful in our own characteristics and beauty there are also some people who wanted their noses to be lifted so they went on some surgeries and operations to have their dream nose. Even some celebrities had admitted doing such things but others claimed they did not.

Recently, Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu revealed that her nose was not done by any experts. She hilariously addressed it in one of the episodes of her vlog entitled “My Daily Make-Up”. Kim Chiu PH already had 576 thousand subscribers and her viral video earned 363 thousand views and 13 thousand likes as of this writing.

The Chinita Princess thanked her parents for loving each other and bringing her into the world without having her nose done through operation or surgeries. The rumors about her undergoing such surgery are now answered, cleared and clarified. Maybe we just also need some nose line, and a little bit of makeup trick to the job, isn’t?

Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu is a 29-year old actress, singer, recording artist, endorser, and television host. She rose to prominence after winning the first teen show of Pinoy Big Brother in the Kapamilya network. She was admired not just for her acting prowess, beautiful and angelic face, but because of her funny, bubbly and cute personality. She is also one of the most admired and loved television personality by many people, an award-winning actress and one of the sought-after leading ladies of her generation nowadays. She also used to be the girlfriend of actor Gerald Anderson before she dated Xian Lim. Many of her fans and supporters loved Xian Lim and Kim Chiu’s chemistry on-screen, no wonder that they are in a very happy, satisfied and contented relationship now in each other’s arm. True love is really in the air! A perfect couple indeed.
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