Liza Soberano Behind The Scene in Preparation For Darna

Hope Elizabeth "Liza" Soberano is a 21-year old Filipino-American actress and model from Santa Clara, California, U.S. She is one of the most followed and admired female celebrity in the country today not just because of her angelic face and amazing personality but because of her incredible talent and skills in the show business industry. She is the on and off cam partner of Enrique Gil, their loved team known as LizQuen had earned a number of fans and supporters not just in the Philippines but in other countries as well.

She really had the beauty, body and personality to be a very successful artist in the future. No wonder that she had portrayed a lot of roles in movies and television programs and had also earned a number of awards and recognition in her amazing portrayals. She was also the actress chosen to be the next Darna after the award-winning actress had the main role. But unfortunately, due to her finger injury, she acquired in “Bagani” she decided to withdraw on the Darna project. She became emotional as she says sorry to her fans and supporters because she can no longer accept the role and she didn’t want to delay the filming just because of her fractured fingers. She also revealed that she could not move and even properly grip her finger because of the incident.

Recently, a lot of netizens were amazed by Liza’s behind-the-scene videos while training for the Darna project before she injured her finger. The videos already earned a million views and a lot of positive feedback from the netizens. They could not believe that Liza trains so hard for the said role. With all the time, efforts and training that she has been through, she was indeed deserving to fly as Darna!

People now understand the hardships, struggles, and challenges that the young actress had been through. It must be very hard for her to let go of the role that many other artists also dreamed of. But she also prioritizes to give the people the justice of portraying on the Filipino heroine Darna which had been one of the admired stories even before we are young. A lot of people were excited to witness Darna fly again!
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