Liza Soberano Reacts on Netizen Who Says " You badly Need To Go Back To Gym"

Celebrities work hard for everything that they had achieved, even if it is about their finances, properties and even on their recognition and awards. No wonder that there are a lot of celebrities who had been enjoying their vacations after finishing some of their movies, television programs, and other projects.

Recently, there was this viral post of a netizen pertaining to the young actress Liza telling her to focus more on her work as she seems very distracted with so many things. Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil were currently enjoying their vacation that time in Bali, Indonesia when this incident occurred.

The netizen commented on LizQuen’s photo pertaining to Liza and she said, “Vacation is over na. Hope you focus now on Darna. You badly need to go back to the gym and retrain for stunts, martial arts, etc. Sana makita ko ulit ang drive mo sa career mo. Nawawala ka sa focus.” The heated netizen had even tagged her handler, Monch Novales on the said comment.

Liza, unlike other famous celebrities, did not let it pass and didn’t think twice to reply on the heated comment of the netizen, “Who are you to tell me when vacation is over? My managers allowed me and so did my bosses. I’ve been working hard for my family since I was 12. I think I deserve the time I get off.”

It was really an offending question to tell someone what to do when in fact he or she just wanted to take a break from all the working days she had. Liza was introduced as the new actress to portray the role of Darna in May 2017 but it had also undergone major changes as its former director Erik Matti let go of the project. Filmmaker Jerrold Tarog will be the one to direct Darna. It was on the month of November when Liza shared that Tarog was already finishing the script and some other details about the most anticipated film before they can start filming again.“Alone/Together” the LizQuen’s latest movie had earned an estimated P350 million earlier this year.

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