Liza Soberano's Text To Angel Locsin

Recently, the public was surprised by the sudden announcement of Liza Soberano as she decided to back out from the Darna project. The Darna project featuring Liza Soberano as the new actress to portray the iconic role had been awaited by a lot of Liza’s fans and supporters. That is why they have been saddened by the decision of Liza to withdraw on the said project due to her fractured fingers. She does not want to be a hindrance in the new adaptation of Darna because of her injury. She obtained her fractured index finger during her taping of television series “Bagani”. She had a hard time to do her stunts during tapings because of her injury and she does not want to ruin the come back of the Filipina heroine just because she could not give justice to the main role.

Liza Soberano also known as Hope Elizabeth Soberano is a 21-year old Filipino-American actress. She actually started in a range of television series and films such as Wansapanataym, Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo, She's the One, Must Be Love. She is also the other half of LizQuen together with her on and off-screen partner Enrique Gil.

She recently sent a text message to the former Darna star Angel Locsin after the announcement of her withdrawal on the Darna Project saying only three letter words. Angel Locsin revealed that as soon as she heard the news about Liza, she wanted to ask the young actress about it but she was hesitant. She then decided to text Liza, “Liza".

 And the young actress replied, “Ate, I’m Sorry”. It was such a heartbreaking message from Liza as Angel revealed that more than anyone else she would know how it feels to experience such heartbreak. Angelica Locsin Colmenares, professionally known as Angel Locsin is a 33-year old Filipina television and film actress, commercial model, film producer, and fashion designer. She is an award-winning actress known for her amazing talent and love for her chosen craft. She is also one of the most admired and unforgettable actresses to portray the iconic role of Darna.
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