Loisa and Maris Reunited After Video Controversy

Friendships made our life happier. They are the ones who support us, helps us, and loves us like a real family. But as life goes on, many of us had eventually experienced misunderstanding and difficult times with our friends. It may not be intentional but having such a problem with friends would definitely affect you.

Recently, there had been a viral video that surfaced in different social media platforms where Loisa Andalio and Maris Racal finally had their reunion. According to some reports, Loisa Andalio had a reunion with her fellow ex-PBB housemates Joshua Garcia and Maris Racal. Like any other reunions, they could not help it but become emotional. There was also a viral video of Loisa Andalio as she cried while tightly hugging her friend Maris. As Loisa cries a lot to Maris, the latter tried to comfort her friend who was experiencing a lot because of her alleged video controversy.

True enough that genuine friendship can cure a tired and saddened heart. Loisa definitely finds comfort through her friend Maris, despite their misunderstandings their friendship remains to be as genuine as before. It clearly shows how much they love and care for each other.

Josefina Loisa Francisco Andalio or simply Loisa Andalio is a 19-year old actress, dancer, and singer. She rose to prominence when she joined the fifth regular season of Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Big Brother: All In. She was dubbed as "Talented Darling ng Parañaque" and was the last housemate to be evicted, one place short on becoming one of the Final Big Four. Before having a relationship with young actor Ronnie Alonte, she was romantically linked to Joshua Garcia who was now the boyfriend of young actress Julia Barreto.

Maris Racal better was known as Mariestella Cañedo Racal is a 21-year old actress, singer-songwriter, dancer, television personality, student. She also won as a 2nd Big Placer in the Pinoy Big Brother: All In. She was dubbed as the "Singing Sunshine ng Davao”. She actually had a fan base known as “Mariestellers”. A lot of netizens were delighted on the reunion of Loisa and Maris together with   Joshua Garcia.

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