Maja Salvador's New Found Inspiration

Maja Ross Andres Salvador, professionally known as Maja Salvador is a 30-year old actress, dancer, singer, model, endorser, occasional host, and producer from Aparri, Cagayan. She actually came from the family of actors, Ross Rival her father and her uncle Philip Salvador. One of her amazing and unforgettable projects in the role of Ivy Agus in her defunct teleserye “Wild Flower”. She was greatly admired because of her incredible acting prowess in portraying her characters on the show.

Recently, she surprised a lot of her fans and supporters as she is now back in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Rambo Nuñez and their California vacation trip had really amazed their fans and supporters. They also went to Coachella after arriving in Los Angeles. They also had funny adventures inside a bus and a lot of people find it so sweet. They also had a chance to watch an NBA game together and Rambo admitted that it was actually his old dream to watch an NBA game with Maja. Rambo had also tried one on his bucket list, skydiving. They had also had walked into the famous Melrose Place. They also had a romantic and adventurous ride on a hot air balloon.

Rambo Nuñez is the President of a public relations firm. It was in 2010 when the two dated each other. It was also said that Rambo had apparently dated Victoria’s Secret model Kelsey Merritt. True enough that love is sweeter the second time around. Who would have thought that they will finally cross the the path and be together after 9 long years?

We cannot really say when true love can come our way. Though it was never easy being in a romantic relationship, it was still an amazing feeling to feel loved and cared for by the same person you love and care the most. Many of Maja’s fans and supporters were very much happy and excited about the new status of her heart. It was amazing to know that the “Dancing Princess” is now happily in a relationship with a man who will surely take care of her and treat her like a princess. Can we hear wedding bells anytime soon?

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