Stephen of It's Showtime, LALAKE BA O BABAE ?

Stephen better known as Stephanie Robles is one of the popular dancers of the ABS-CBN noontime show “It’s Showtime” together with Ate Girl Jackque and Kuya Escort Ion Perez. They all became famous in the said noontime show with the help of Vice Ganda. Vice Ganda is a 43-year old comedian, television presenter, actor, and singer. He is also one of the regular hosts/judges of It’s Showtime. He was also the one who introduced Stephen, Jackque, and Ion to the “madlang people” and ever since it happened the three of them became known and had been to some interviews, guestings and even shows in other countries.

A lot of people were confused about the true gender identity of Stephen. Vice Ganda teased co-host Jhong Hilario as well as Ryan Bang that Stephen was actually a gay and that Vice Ganda had seen her as Stephen Jr. back in the days when she would join gay beauty pageants in Quiapo. Some agreed that she may be a woman but some insisted that she was not. Because of curiosity some people had already stalked her in her social media accounts and discovered some proofs that will tell everyone her real gender.

She had a throwback photo together with her high school classmates and she wore a blouse and a skirt, that was a few years ago. There was also no trace of her being a man before in her social media posts and shares. It was just a joke that Vice Ganda insisted about her and the story about Stephen Jr.

Recently, Stephen’s video had made rounds in different social media platforms as she joined one of the segments of Wowowin aired in GMA network. On her viral video, her beauty was admired as well as her humble personality. The public learned that her father left her when her mother Vangie was still pregnant of her. She didn’t experience having a father since she was born but despite keeping a grudge on her father she was still hoping that someday she will be able to see him and finally meet him through God’s perfect time
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