Student Earn Praises From Netizen After Giving An Old Lady A Free Meal

Filipinos have a soft heart for their families, for their children, for the people in need, and most especially for the elderly people. We could not help it but defend and help those elderly in need, those old people in the street that asks for alms, for food and sympathy. No wonder that this female student helped out this old woman from the street whom she bought food and let her stay beside her and eat the food she ordered.

Not everyone could do such things maybe because of the fear about those people who do bad things to others. But this amazing act of kindness touched the heart of many Filipinos. A concerned netizen known as EJ (@ej_caps) shared a photo of a student and an old woman eating together inside a famous fast-food chain on his social media account. You can easily see that the student and the old woman is having just the same food but their looks and physical appearance really seems to be the opposite. EJ, the netizen who captured the moment captioned the photo with “Kudos to ate na pinakain si nanay sa Jollibee.”

Some people can just simply give the old lady money for her to buy her own food but this student was really something different. She assured that the help she wanted to give the old woman can surely be given to her at that very moment that maybe the reason why she let the elderly sit and eat beside her.

Many people today, would rather give those people in need monetary help without actually knowing where their money goes. That is why some people who live on the street were caught doing some of their bad vices by means of the money they get from people.

The viral photo also implies that you do not have to be an individual with a decent job, or a matured and old person just to help others in need. What you definitely need is the eyes that can see the beauty in every person and a heart that is open and much more willing to help those people in need generously and sincerely without asking anything in return.

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  1. So sad i know that old woman after makuha ang kanyang nakuhang pera ng mga sinabing umaruga sa kanya hinahayaan nanaman sya,naubos na siguro ng mga mukang perang mga kasama nya.