Yen Santos No Make Up Challenge Earned Countless Reactions

Women tend to be very specific and detailed when it comes to their make-up, accessories, and clothes. Filipinas nowadays are very careful when it comes to their face, no wonder that videos about make-up tutorials, skin routine, and skin care are one of the most watched videos on different social media platforms. Sunscreens and sunblocks are one of the most in-demand products that women used to put on their face and skin to protect it from the harmful effects of the sun in their skin. Some people can never be comfortable to go out of their houses without those creams on their faces and make-to enhance their beauty or imperfections but there are also women who were not shy of flaunting their bare face and no make-up look just like this Kapamilya actress who stunned her fans and supporters with her gorgeous bare face!

Lilieyen Leonardo Santos, better known as Yen Santos is a 26-year old actress and endorser from Cabanatuan City. She also appeared in the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010. She is now portraying the role of Jacqueline "Jacky" Montefalco-Corpuz alongside with Jericho Rosales as Catalino "Lino" Bartolome, Yam Concepcion as Jade Flores-Bartolome, and Sam Milby as Ace Corpuz.

Recently, Yen Santos astounded the public with her stunning no make-up photos she uploaded on her social media account. It actually earned a lot of positive comments and reactions from the netizens. Yen’s bare-faced photo is dubbed as an “effortless beauty”. Netizens were delighted with the Halik actress’ simple face. Aside from her acting prowess, her angelic and simple face is one of her best assets indeed.

She was indeed one of the most admired female celebrity in our industry today. Many people were astounded by her acting talent and they really loved her character in Halik that is why a lot of netizens wished to see more of her in other teleseryes or movies soon.

Not every woman are capable of flaunting their skins, their assets and even their bare-faced. We may have our imperfections and insecurities but we can always be grateful for the things we have and for every single thing we possess. Because we may always have something that some people dream of having it on their own. So instead of being insecure and doubtful on yourself try to be more loving and caring to your health and body and you will be able to enjoy and be satisfied with your life.
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