13 Years old Liza Soberano Tries Showbiz ( Audition Video )

Liza Soberano has been on the news after she withdraw from her Darna role due to an injury. She is one of the recognized beautiful faces not only in the local showbiz but to other countries as well. And one of the sought-after leading ladies of this generation. At present, their relationship with her leading man, Enrique Gil has been out to public. She has her big break with the series, Forevermore with Enrique Gil.

Hope Elizabeth Soberano was discovered when she was 11 years old, and on this video, we found an eight-year old video of Liza’s interview. Let us see how she view things during this age. For all we know, things change as we age.

She was 13 years old then, and she just started to join the showbiz industry. A budding teen at her age, but she admitted that she started to find her confidence bit by bit. She sampled a song of Colbie Caillat, “Realize”, she also mentioned that if she will be given another chance, she would like to sing with the international singer, Adele.

She also shared in this interview that she dreams to become a model or her actress. And clearly, at this young age, Liza’s charm is really irresistible and captivating, the camera loves her. And from this beauty, she included that her favorite part of her body is her eyes, because she believes that her eyes already tell stories about herself.

In pursuing this career, her main inspiration is her family for it serves as her support system. Our Liza already accepted that not all auditions will be on her favor, where she appreciates her family for always being there for her, and she recalls how her dad provides whatever she wants. That is our sweet Liza!

Very common for teens would be the love for sweets, there she shared that she can live eating chocolates and ice cream.

From all this information, do you think any of this has changed? Maybe she has matured, but her outlook it all looks the same. What do you think? Will you still bet her to play as Darna? Let us know!
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