Ai Ai Delas Alas Quits Managing Ex B Says "Nakakahiya Kayo'

Martina Aileen Hernandez delas Alas-Sibayan, professionally known as Ai-Ai delas Alas is a 54-year-old actress, host, comedienne, recording artist, producer, and singer. She was known in her amazing performance in the blockbuster movie “Ang Tanging Ina” in 2003. A television series, as well as three sequels, had been made due to its popularity.

She is also known as the comedy Queen because of her astounding performances in many of her comedy films and programs. Aside from being an award-winning artist, she is also managing her own film production company as MEDA Productions or Martina Eileen Delas Alas Productions. She also co-produced some of her films including Sisterakas, Kung Fu Divas and Enteng ng Ina Mo.

Just recently, the public was shocked to see a version of her crying not in any films or program but in an interview where she confirmed about her giving up the management of the popular hip-hop collective “Ex-Batallion” or simple Ex-B.
The comedy queen could not help but cry as she states one by one her reasons in letting go of the group from her management. She revealed that due to their unprofessionalism and so many issues regarding money and tardiness she could not contain the embarrassment anymore that is why she decided to set herself free from stress and problems caused by them.

She shared that she was already in the industry for 30 years now and she didn’t let other senior stars to wait for her so much the way that the Ex-B did to some of the industry’s popular personalities. She also revealed that she only wanted to help them on their career that is why she accepted their request to manage them. Unfortunately, it was just after 3 to 4 months when the group did several things that could not really be forgiven but she still tried to understand them and give them a chance.

She was also asked if it is possible for her to give them another chance if they asked for it but she insisted that its already over, and was very traumatized on her experiences with them.

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