Alex Gonzaga " The Darna Audition"

The “Darna” project had been talked about by many people in different social media platforms as the Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano withdraw herself from the role because of her injury. Netizens also shared their favorite actress and artists to be the next iconic superheroine. A lot of people are excited to know who will be the next Darna in the famous project. Aside from the online polls and the public choices, Star Cinema had opened the auditions for the Darna role as early as May 4 and 5, 2019.

As Nadine Lustre had her viral video surfaced online portraying the iconic role with the help of her friend Donnalyn Bartolome, another famous actress and host amazed her fans and supporters with her audition video. She is none other than Alex Gonzaga. Her YouTube channel “Ms Alex Gonzaga” had featured this video entitled Darna Audition by Alex Gonzaga. It has been uploaded online 23 hours ago as of this writing but it already has 932 thousand views and a lot of hilarious comments from the public.

At the beginning of her audition video, she introduced herself and all the things that she can do. She said that she has a lot of talent as she knows how to sing, dance, and even on how to still be awake until 5 in the morning but she revealed that she cannot wake up so early after that. She did a unique sound while her lips are close and she also rolled her tongue and did her act.

After that, there was this little girl who approached her and had given her a big stone, literally! Not a stone that you can easily take but a stone that you can use to scrub your skin while taking a bath. The whole video was so much laughter to her viewers and the people could not help but laugh out loud as they watched the whole presentation. Alex also had the Darna costume complete from Darna’s headdress, her brassiere with gold stars, gold powerful bracelets, golden belt with a loincloth and the signature almost knee-high red boots!

She even showed everyone her fighting skills as she is auditioning on a major superheroine role, she must be capable of doing those stunts. Her fighting scenes together with the two goons were really amazing and definitely so funny as well. Your stomach will literally be in pain as you watched the hilarious video. People also commended and praised the 31-year-old comedienne/vlogger with her incredible sense of humor
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