Angel Locsin's Black Eye Catches Netizens Attention, BF Neil Arce Reacts

We know a lot of people who are very committed and dedicated to their works. They are often commended not just because of their professionalism but because of their amazing effort on their job. No wonder that some families are being affected by this. There are hardworking and committed parents who were very focused on their careers and they just forgot to spend time with their respective families. On the other hand, there is also this kind of people who forgot about themselves just to give justice to their craft.

One best example of this is the exceptional people in the show business industry who works either in front or behind the camera who accidentally hurts themselves just to make their projects real and more convincing. It was late in the evening of May 18, when the Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin shares on her social media account her recent photo. The public was shocked to see her angelic face with a black eye! There were numerous reactions and comments worrying about the current situation of the award-winning actress. She posted her photo with a noticeable discoloration under her left eye and asked her 5.3 million followers on how to get rid of the black eye aside from Vitamin C, Arnica and Ice. She also clarified that she was not hurt by anyone and that she is very proud of her battle scars but still she got to work.

A lot of her fans and supporters expressed their love and concern to their idols and they also reminded the actress to take care of herself as well. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Neil Arce commented a very sweet message to her saying that she is still the most beautiful girl in the world despite her bruises. There were also people who had given tips and suggested their natural and easy remedies in removing a black eye.
Angel didn’t specify where she got her bruises but one of her fans asked her who did that to her and she just replied, “Ako po.” Who would have thought that such angelic face and award-winning amazing actress would have caused herself to have a black eye and as we all know that in the show business industry, faces of the famous celebrities are one of the greatest assets in their career.

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