Baron Geisler Decides To Settle With Non Showbiz Girlfriend

Baron Geisler is now back on screen in one of the longest running series in the Philippine TV, “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”. It is actually a come back role for he already appeared in the early episodes of the series where he passed away. At present, his role wants to avenge the death of his brother who passed away on the earlier episodes.

He started as a teen star in 1994, and ever since, he was considered as one of the prominent stars of his generation. Years past, he had earned a reputation on the local entertainment for being an alcoholic. He also faced several brawls with co-artists, or his relatives, even faced several lawsuits for sexual harassments or violence. With this he always admits his fault and poses for a public apology, and even subjected himself for a rehabilitation to better himself.

Recently, Baron announced that he finally wants to settle, and he finally found someone who knows his moods and who cares for him. He also introduced her, Jamie Marie Evangelista, whom he knew from Cebu when he was staying there.

According to him, “Pagod na ako sa laro, sa pag-party. Gusto ko na ring magkaron ng sariling pamilya.” That it will really come to a point that you will grew tired from all the drama and fooling around, that he was able to finally decide to settle.

They have became official and the relationship is now already eight months of being together. Baron shared that he liked Jamie’s patience and she makes him feel happy because he can feel the care and thoughtfulness of her. “She’s very patient sa akin. Alam niya kung paano ako timplahin. Super happy ako kasi maalaga siya.”

He also shared proudly the background of Jamie, “Psychologist si Jamie. She works sa rehab, freelance psychotherapist siya. She teaches college students also. Kinukuha siya ng mga rehab center para tumulong sa mga addict at alcoholic.”

It is no doubt that we deserve numerous chances to prove and find ourselves, and finally meeting someone who can compliment us. And that is what Baron Geisler has found. What do you think?

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