Mariel Rodriguez , Robin Padilla Ganito Pala Itrato Ang Kanilang Mga Kasambahay

Mother’s Day came and a lot of Filipino people celebrated that very special day together with their families and loved ones. True enough that being a mother was indeed one of the most fulfilling and amazing experience every woman could wish for. No wonder that even in our own simple ways, we greeted them and showed them how special and important they are to every one of us.

Recently, the Padilla family amazes the public on how they treat their household helpers, especially on Mother’s Day. Their video captured a lot of attention from the public as Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriquez-Padilla surprised their helpers. On the video, Mariel is with their daughter, Isabella as she gave bouquets of flower to them and they greeted them a “Happy Mother’s Day” one by one.

The netizens were astounded by the celebrity couple’s gesture towards their household helpers. It actually gained a lot of comments and reactions from some of the netizens. There were some people saying how kind-hearted the Padillas are. While some hilariously commented if they can also apply as a household helper on the Padillas house. There were also people who wished the Padilla family well and more blessings for all of them as they shared their blessings to other people as well. The couple was also commended with their amazing treatment with their household helpers compared to other foreign families who didn’t treat their helpers as part of their families and they were all treated in a negative way as well.

Maria Erlinda Lucille Sazon Termulo-Padilla also known as Mariel Padilla in the show business industry is a 34-year-old commercial model, endorser, television host, VJ, and actress. She started in the industry at 15 years old as she had been modeling before for commercials and advertisements.

She was actually an American citizen. She met her husband Robin Padilla in a noontime show Wowowee where she had been a host before. They tied the knot at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India on August 19, 2010. They welcomed their firstborn, Maria Isabella on November 14, 2016. She also surprised her fans and supporters as they announced that they are expecting their second blessing as a parent.
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