Netizen Captures A Stunning Mayon Volcano Photo

Photo by: Noli Luna/ Facebook
The Philippines is one of the most amazing countries many foreign nationalities love to experience. Recently, netizens were astounded with the amazing view of the Mayon Volcano with unusual cloud formation over the volcano. It was a one of a kind majestic view of the renowned tourist spot. Aside from its magnificent perfect cone shape, seeing the volcano in an “umbrella cloud” was really a majestic view.

A photo of the amazing volcano was shared by a certain Noli Luna on April 23, it was 5:30 in the morning when he took the photo and captioned it with: “Daragang Magayon wearing her white umbrella.” The astonishing view was witnessed by some people but it actually faded away afterward.

Based on a report by GMA News Online, he said cloud formation was actually a “lenticular cloud”, according to its author Joviland Rita. Lenticular clouds are lens-shaped clouds that are formed in high altitudes. That happens when a stable moist air goes over a mountain, and large scale standing waves that would be formed on the downwind side.

A lot of netizens could not help it but be amazed at that spectacular moment. It seems like a breath of fresh air and being able to see its beauty is one of the best things in life that no material thing can ever replace.

There was actually a myth about the jewel of Albay. The term Mayon Volcano was said to come from a beautiful maiden named Magayon who was very beautiful and would have so many suitors trying to win her heart. But she had fallen to a warrior named Pangaronon.

However, one of her suitors Pagtuga who was also a warrior and the chief of Iraga wanted to marry Magayon so much but she refused. He was so desperate that he kidnapped Magayon’s father to force her to marry him. As Pagtuga and Pangaronon fought over her, a poisoned arrow struck her heart and she passed away together with her true love Pangaronon who was stabbed by a soldier. Magayon’s father decided to bury them together and a few years had passed and a volcano stood magnificently on their resting place. source: Noli Luna
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