Netizens Thinks That This New Kapamilya Star Deserve The Darna Role

“FPJ’s: Ang Probinsiyano” had been one of the most watched television programs of many Filipino households. It captured many people because of its real-life story as well as its amazing actors and actresses. It became one of the most popular shows on television not just because of its story itself but because it actually serves as a bridge for those former stars of the show business industry who somehow fade the shine on their stars.

Recently, actress Ivana Ilawi made rounds on different social media platforms because of her amazing acting performance on the “FPJ’s: Ang Probinsiyano” show where she portrayed as the girlfriend of Mr. Eddie Garcia’s character. Unfortunately, we all had to say goodbye to Madonna a few months ago as her character already passed away on the famous television program.

The gorgeous and beautiful actress astounded netizens as she shared stunning and gorgeous photos of her showcasing her beauty and close to perfect physique. Not many people knew that she was the older sister of Mona Louise Rey, or Mona Al-Alawi in real life, a 14-year-old child actress who was known to many having an angelic face, cute, adorable and kind little girl who would always be the younger version of many lead actresses of the network.

Ivana Ilawi is actually a half-Moroccan and a half-Filipina. No wonder that she really had the good looks, the captivating beauty, and that angelic talking eyes that a lot of people admire so much. She also had that astonishing slim and petite figure that a lot of women dream about. Not just a beauty herself, but a gorgeous and lovely woman indeed.

A lot of netizens commented that she really has a place in the show business industry as she is not just capable of doing “leading lady” roles but the “kontrabida” role as well. She is a complete package for those who wanted to get the people’s interests in their upcoming shows or programs. So many women envy her as her close to perfect figure and curves delighted a lot of people as it was never easy maintaining a good and gorgeous body as she has.

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