Peek Inside Robi Dominggo's Luxurious Van

It is everybody’s achievement if one would be able to invest something after a hard-earned work. It is worth investing on something which you can use to give comfort on your work and to finally say you finally did and invested something for yourself.

The VJ, actor and host Robi Domingo shared one of his investments during his taping for MYX. He called it car raid. He proudly shared the features of his customized van through this vlog. His driver shared that it took four months before they were able to pick up the van because of the specifications he requested.

It is a white van, but do not worry this is not the same van which kidnaps kids, this is the van of Robi Domingo. He installed several features in his van. It is actually very spacious and he was told that it can accommodate a lot of people inside, but Robi can only accommodate at least three persons inside. Because unlike normal vans, his van only has few seating capacities.

At the back part of his van is a long chair, but it can actually be converted in to a bed. Robi values good sleep so much, and because of his work, there are times that he lacks sleep, so he needs a good bed where he can stretch his body and sneak some nap during his break from work.

Aside from this, he did not only have a full light, but he also has installed a dim light or yellow light for a change of ambiance. His van would save you from boredom, because he has a smart TV inside where you can watch movies or play video games, how awesome is that?

Last unique feature of his van is the vanity mirror. Robi himself admitted the need to always check that he looks good, since he is doing vlogs and often be seen on camera or on TV, so with the vanity mirror he can always check himself. Check the video to tour around Robi’s van and share us what you think!
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