Richard Gomez Shares The First Time He Met His Wife Lucy Torres

Would you have forgotten the first time you fell in love, your first heartbreak, or the first place you met your first love? I guess you probably not! It was such an unforgettable moment, a very nostalgic one and it would always remain deep in our hearts, in our minds and in our thoughts!

Recently, one of the most admired couples in the show business industry, Richard and Lucy Torres-Gomez had celebrated their 21st anniversary. The actor had shared their very first television advertisement where the two of them first met. He also shared a very touching message to her loving wife and he said that the TV ad was actually their very first project together where he had fallen in love with the 19-year old Lucy Torres. It has been 21 years after they tied the knot but according to him, it felt just like yesterday. The actor’s post earned 192,000 views and 50, 386 likes as of this writing.

True enough that the couple seems to defy age as years passed by. They really looked young, beautiful and handsome as they age. They look very similar to on the video clip and it seems that there was no difference at all. Aside from being a successful showbiz personality and politician, they are both an inspiration to many other couples out there as their love for each other remains the same even after 21 years! It was also admirable to both of them that they support each other in everything they do and they really compliment each other. For their many fans and supporters, Richard and Lucy’s love story is one of the most inspiring love stories ever told.

Richard Gomez is a 52-year old athlete, television presenter, director and politician who was a former contract artist of GMA Network who now returned to ABS-CBN since 2011. Lucy Marie Martinez Torres or Lucy Torres-Gomez is a 44-year old Filipina actress and politician and the current representative of the 4th District of Leyte.

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings we can have. It was such an amazing blessing to many people to give love and receive it back from the people they cherished the most.

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