Ryzza Mae Dizon Pinasilip Ang Kanyang Graduation Photos

Time flies so fast! We didn’t notice so many things nowadays because of how busy we are on our daily lives. Maybe that is why many of the netizens were actually surprised to see “Aling Maliit” of Eat Bulaga grow into a lovely lady. She had recently posted some photos of her graduation on her social media account.

Ryzza Mae de Guzman Dizon or simply Ryzza Mae Dizon is a 13-year-old actress, television host, and comedienne. She rose to prominence as she won the title Little Miss Philippines in 2012. She was actually a wild card contestant of the Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines.

She then had her first ever talk show “The Ryzza Mae Show” that was first aired on April 8, 2013. It made rounds on different social media platforms as she was the youngest host ever to interview several renowned, famous, respected and acclaimed television personalities. She also had a number of awards and recognitions since 2012. Her breakthrough in her career was indeed a very huge milestone for her and her family.

As it was also known to many that they came to a poor family, and her parents had tried a lot of things for them to survive, Ryzza was a great inspiration to other Filipino children who were experiencing the same scenario. It was just very recently when she shared another milestone in her life, and that was her graduation. The young host was wearing a red toga as she beautifully smiles in front of the camera for her graduation photos in her upcoming graduation ceremony.

 A lot of her fans, supporters, families, and friends could not help but congratulate her and be happy for her achievement and success not just on her career but in her studies as well. Despite her busy schedule being a television host and actress, she still managed to finish her studies and achieving her dreams. She graduated at Eton International School.

True enough that when you set your mind in achieving your dreams, you can eventually achieve your dreams not in your time, but in God’s perfect time. Congratulations, Boss Madam!

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